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Our Beginnings.

Home Latin Music Entertainment was born with the idea of ​​Hector Fabian to see the amount of talent that exists in the country and the few means to throw them to the foreign knowledge supported by record houses.

The company provides professional Jingles services, as well as different solutions to artists, such as:

Musical productions
Media Tours
Massive dissemination of artistic materials
Graphic arts designs
Video Clips
Script for video clips
Music classes.

Also, HLM Entertainment opens more doors to different talents such as composers, models, music producers, designers and video directors making them part of their staff, giving their skills and gifts to reward their achievements precisely.

In addition to this, Home Latin Music will be exploring the search for new artists of the many that are in the Dominican streets offering their support and giving vent to their projects to foreign markets.

Later, HLM Entertainment will be operating in the country as a music publisher as well as a record label.

It's a new era in Dominican music, comes Home Latin Music, the home of Latin music.


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